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Booster seat

Booster seat

Booster seat


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One of the basic fundamental functions of a car booster seat is to keep your child safe and secure during car trips. Giving your child true side impact protection as well as a patented energy absorbing versa tether, booster seat for cars are designed and engineered to develop and grow with your child.

booster seatMost car booster seats accommodates kids from the ages of 2 years and weighing 25 pounds up to 85 pounds- as long as it’s used as a forward facing harnessed seat, and also 40 to 120 pounds when used as a car booster seat.

Booster seat are ideal for parents that are particularly concerned for their childrens’safety and adequate posture support. Apart from legislative requirements that every child must use a booster seat whilst a passengers in a vehicle, booster seats are an important safety requirement for every child worldwide.

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And although there are different laws for different states within the US, the prominent message echoing is that every child must use a booster seat. It’s advisable to find and understand what particular laws relate to your state because when you break the law you will be punished by a fine.

The importance of a child booster seat cannot be overemphasized, however:

Booster seatSome booster seat provides a 360 degree protection features. Some can feature an advanced industry leading design for crash force absorption and management. For instance, the Britax frontier 85 booster seat has a patented versa tether system that provides a staged release tether webbing that securely support the top of your child’s seat to the car at 2 points so it minimizes any forward movement should the vehicle suddenly stop.

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It also comes with an energy absorbing base designed to absorb high impact forces whereby the foam lining gives additional suport. Also the harness guard system minimizes any forward head movement while giving efficient protection for your child.

Booster seatAnother great feature of the Britax frontier 85 booster seat is that it is easily adaptable to your growing child.

It is a booster seat that adjusts to your child’s growing need. You do not need to buy new booster seat when your child gets taller.

The head restraint can also easily be adjusted along with the harness straps without having to disassemble the entire harness. In addition, the convenient harness adjuster lets you to tighten or loosen the harness system conveniently.

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The arm rest provides a natural place to rest their arms along with both cup holders that are designed to hold bottled drinks or cups without spillage.

Booster Seat For Feeding

booster seat eatingHigh chair or baby high chairs are quiet different from car booster seat in that car booster seats are meant for cars only while high chair is mainly for home use- when feeding your child.

High chair are quiet different from car booster seat in that car booster seats are meant for cars only while high chair is mainly for home use.

Most high chairs are slim so it stores in very limited spaces. It is very compact while standing upright to fit your pantry.

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