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Baby bath tub- Primo Eurobath

Baby bath tub for loving moms..

primo eurobath

Baby swings

Baby swings

Baby swings offers a relaxing and very comfortable atmosphere for your little angel. With most baby swings comes with a number of innovative speed selector settings that helps to relax your baby. Some baby swings comes with 6-speed selectors that are easily adjusted as your baby grows. They also boast a great comfort recline feature with two sitting positions for your baby’s comfort.

With the sweet melodies, gentle swinging and lovely and colorful cuddly toys that comes with some baby swings, your baby is guaranteed to have a pleasant and relaxing mood. Some baby swings also comes with the ability to automatically recognize your baby’s weight and adjusts your baby’s swinging performance accordingly to maintain a steady and consistent swinging pattern as your little one grows.

baby swingsThe toy bar can easily be removed for easier access for babies and then fitted back into place. The cuddly toys can be a form of entertainment or distraction for your baby as they tend to focus on the colorful toy.

Most baby swings comes with the ability to fold up easily for either easier storage space or travling. In addition, they are very light and convenient to move about- easily fitting in the trunk of your vehicle.


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Baby swings comes with machine washable seat pads that can easily be removed and washed when it gets stained or dirty. That way your baby don’t have to put up with dirty pads on their swings. After washing, it’s easily fitted back in place so your baby can keep enjoying her ride in the comfort of her baby swing.

baby swings To keep your baby safe from falling off or getting out of place, baby swings comes with 5 point safety harness that goes round from your baby’s shoulders then round the waist and then snapping the buckle securely to keep your baby in the right position.

One major benefit of baby swings is the ability to rock your baby to sleep effortlessly while giving you enough time and space to carry out other tasks. Truth be told, as babies grow and get heavier it becomes increasingly difficult to rock them to sleep. Some mothers with back pains would find it extremely very difficult rocking their babies to sleep. This is where baby swings comes to the rescue.

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I would like to state at this stage that although the cuddly toys in the pictures looks vibrant, they may not be exactly the same with the ones that comes with the actual baby swings. Not a huge difference though and does not hinder the performance of the baby swings whatsoever.


I really think baby swings should come with portable carry on cases. One thing I noticed with baby swings is that they tend to open up when folded. This can be a bit of an inconvenience when you’re in a hurry to load up things in a car.


Irrespective of this minor issue, I highly recommend baby swings for parents. Especially parents with back ache problems- it gives them room and space to do other things whilst giving the back a rest from the weight of your baby. If you are a parent not wanting to carry your baby all the time, then you need baby swings.


Baby swings

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