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Baby bath tub- Primo Eurobath

Baby bath tub for loving moms..

primo eurobath

Primo eurobath: Baby bath tub

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One of the major benefits of having a baby bathtub is that it enables bathing your baby as safe and easy as possible for both baby and parents. However, it is essential when searching for a baby bathtub to buy, you select the right bathtub for you and your baby so that the bathing process would be a lot less stressful and convenient, that is why we always recommend the Primo Eurobath tub for every baby.

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There are a number of factors you have to consider when buying a baby bathtub :

  • What unique features does it come with?

Few baby bath tubs often comes with additional compartments where you can easily store your baby’s shower gel, sponge, soap, shampoo, face towels and much more. No doubt this feature gives added comfort and convenience when bathing your baby.

While others do also come with features like additional adjustable headrest for your baby. This will enable your baby sit comfortably while bathing. Even with all the slipperiness that comes with baby bath, you can be rest assured your baby won’t slip in the bath tub.

So be sure to compare features and not just prices when searching for baby bath as they vary quiet a lot from one model to the other. This would also enable your baby’s bath process easier and enjoyable.

  • Can the baby bathtub grow with your baby?

baby bath tubs

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I don’t mean to sound cynical with this sub heading but what i really meant is that buying all kinds of bathtubs for your baby as they transition into toddlers can also mean wasting money as time goes on.

What you really need is a bath that can easily be adjustable to the size of your baby as they grow. Trust me babies does really grow very fast you know.

Getting an adjustable bath tub can cost a little more in the short run but most definitely save you lots of money buying different sizes in future as your child grows.

  • What material is the bath made from?

Truth be told, babies skins are extremely very soft and sensitive therefore it’s a lot easier for them to react to things that are not suitable for them than adults. So
care must be taken to ensure that what ever bath tub you’re buying is made from high grade plastic that is durable and easy on the baby’s skin and body.

Personally, i always avoid cushioned tubs because of their clumsy nature as they can make the entire bathing process a misery due to their unbalanced nature.

  • Is the bath tub resistant to slip?

baby bath tub

Finally, one other important aspect to consider is whether the bath tub is slip resistant. Slip resistant bath tubs prevents the baby from slipping off the bath tub thereby causing injuries.

Slip resistant baths can come in a variety of ways. It could come with a mat on the floor of the tub, or the surface of the bath tub can simply be made slip resistant.

With all these basic but important features in mind when hunting for a baby bath tub, you can be rest assured you and your baby can enjoy an accident free bath each and every day.

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